When your drains or sewer lines are blocked, it can put a halt to your entire household or company. Let the trained professionals at Kevin Cohen Plumbing resolve and/or prevent those issues from happening to you. Call today 541-607-9208 to schedule one of our drain technicians!

There are a variety of reasons behind clogged drains. Mainline sewer issues are often the result of roots, grease, or feminine products obstructing the line. Smaller lines, like lavatory sinks, bathtubs, and showers are frequently restricted by hair and soap buildup. Kitchen sink blockages tend to occur when food and grease are trapped in the line. Or perhaps you’re one of the unfortunate few whose toddler flushed a hairbrush down your toilet. No matter the issue, we have the equipment needed to take care of you.

Equipment and Methods:

Our drain cleaning machine lineup provides us the opportunity to choose the very best fit of machine size and configuration to your drain cleaning needs. From routine household sink clogs to the heaviest roots, Kevin Cohen Plumbing has a machine designed to match the nature of the clog.

Hydro-jetting is our most preferred method of clearing drains. Using pumps and flexible hoses, water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure into the sewer line. A special nozzle mounted on the end of a heavy-duty hose has an array of forward and reverse jets, which direct extremely powerful streams of water to the edges of pipe walls. This high-pressure technique is able to cut through even the toughest blockages.


If you are just moving into a house, have reoccurring issues with your current home, or suspect your drains might be in disrepair, schedule to have your lines scoped. By scoping your lines, we will be able to identify if there are any issues and if so, within a few days build you a quote based on our findings. Schedule to have your drains hydro-jetted and we’ll include a free scoping of the line.

Replacement and Repair:

Building owners are responsible for maintaining the pipes connecting their premises to the to the city sewer main, generally to the curb or sidewalk. Drain and sewer lines left in disrepair could cause flooding and groundwater contamination, posing a serious environmental threat. It is important that you take action if you think your sewer line is in need of repair or replacement. Call to schedule an estimate today, 541-228-9642.