If you are experiencing a decrease in water volume or if you are noticing rusty particles coming out of your faucets, you may very well be a good candidate for a water system repipe within your home. Additionally, some homes have polybutylene or “Quest” piping supplying the water throughout the home. These too would be good candidates for water system repipes. Kevin Cohen Plumbing replaces the water system with high quality PEX water systems and in most cases, the process is less invasive than people typically think. Give us a call today to schedule a no cost estimate!

For our commercial customers we will repipe and make repairs with the materials of your choice, often using Stainless Steel and Copper.  We work with multiple companies in the area such as Hop Valley, Elk Horn, Attune Foods, and Turtle Mountain keeping their plumbing systems up-to-date so they can continue to provide us with delicious treats!