Repair and Replacement:

Is your toilet constantly running? Are you tired of jiggling the handle every time you use the restroom? Or maybe you have to flush twice every time? Do you see water on the floor after a flush? Stop throwing away money every month and give us a call. We can either repair/rebuild the internal components of your tank to ensure it is working properly. Sometimes replacement may be necessary when your old toilet just isn’t performing anymore, or as a great way to save on the water bill. Let Kevin Cohen Plumbing install a new 1.28 gallon per flush toilet today and start saving!


Bidet style seats – Experience the ultimate in comfort and cleanliness! With a Toto Washlet bidet style toilet seat you will experience the hygienic benefits of a bidet, along with all of the fantastic features that only Toto can offer. Call Kevin Cohen Plumbing today to find out just how affordable a new Toto Washlet bidet seat can be!

Utility Savings:

Upgrading to a WaterSense 1.28 gallon per flush toilet can save a bunch of water and money! Some local utility companies, like EWEB, offer rebates and incentives for installing WaterSense 1.28 gallon per flush toilets. Check with your utility provider, or call Kevin Cohen Plumbing, for more information about available rebates.