The staff at Kevin Cohen Plumbing have expert knowledge and comprehensive experience equipping them to handle all of your water service needs. From small repairs to full service replacements, we accept all jobs!

Water service issues are often identified by these signs: (1) the sound of running water near your water meter when no water is being used, (2) water coming out of the floor or the wall by where the water line enters your home, (3) water coming out of the ground or a saturated area inside or outside of your home, or (4) a dramatic increase in your utility bill. If you notice any of these signs, give Kevin Cohen Plumbing a call. We will coordinate a time to assess your problem before the leaking water causes any structural damage to your residence or business.

In addition to having the expertise and experience to assess your water service issue(s), the equipment Kevin Cohen Plumbing supplies will offer multiple approach options for removing and replacing your leaking water service. Our equipment enables us to trench, bore, drill, and/or braze onto your old leaking water service line and pull a new line into your house. By offering the knowledge, experience, and tools to perform the work, Kevin Cohen Plumbing provides all-inclusive service for your plumbing needs thus saving you time and money.

Further, our advanced repair techniques optimize efficiency by minimizing the damage done to your property. Water service repairs and replacements are notorious for ruined yards and sidewalks and owners are often left with open trenches, all of which can limit access or worse put your residence or business out of commission. The trenchless repair technology offered by Kevin Cohen Plumbing is the latest step in quality repair and replacement with little impact to the surrounding environmental landscape.

Be sure to also note if you live in the Eugene area that there are low interest grants and loans offered by EWEB specifically for homeowners who have active leaks on their water systems.